Registration Opens for YSI Commons in Berlin

Registration is now open for YSI Commons, at INET’s Plenary Conference, Berlin April 12-15.

Because of the overwhelming interest in our Plenary Conference Paradigm Lost: Rethinking Economics and Politics, we have created a parallel event, YSI Commons, especially for graduate students, post-docs, and junior faculty. Capacity is limited to 300, first come first serve, so do not delay. All you need to do is fill out a simple web form which you can find here.

How is YSI Commons related to the INET Plenary Conference?

The INET Plenary is held at the Axica Conference Center. YSI Commons is held at the Adlon Hotel, which is a separate building but very close. We are able to accommodate only 25 students in the main conference (YSI in Berlin), but we have plans in place to accommodate up to 300 in YSI Commons.

The full program of the Plenary Conference will be broadcast live to YSI Commons. After their talks, selected speakers will be walking over to YSI Commons to meet with us. Participants in the Plenary Conference will also have open invitation to walk over on their own, and we expect that many will do so.

There will also be additional programming designed specifically for YSI Commons. The details have yet to be worked out, but we now have a Task Force of Berlin-based Young Scholars who are helping us create a full range of programming.

What about travel, housing, food?

INET is unable to cover travel or housing.

YSI Commons will be fueled with unlimited coffee and soft drinks, and also a buffet lunch every day. You will be on your own for breakfast, dinner, and after-dinner visits to Berlin night spots.

Once you register, you will be enrolled in a YSI Commons Googlegroup where you will find further information, including listings of low-price housing and restaurants.

How do I register?

You must be a currently enrolled graduate student, post-doc, or junior faculty. Beyond that, all you need to do is fill out a simple web form before April 3, 11.45pm EST.