Articles and analyses from the INET community on the key economic questions of our time.


How the Disappearance of Unionized Jobs Obliterated an Emergent Black Middle Class

Jun 15, 2020

Since the 1980s, the enemy of equal employment opportunity through upward socioeconomic mobility has been the pervasive and entrenched corporate-governance ideology and practice of maximizing shareholder value.


Indian Economic Policy: Stimulus, Deficits and Privatisation

May 20, 2020

Over five phased announcements last week, the Indian government set in motion an unprecedented fiscal stimulus. Gaurav Dalmia looks at India’s near-term economic challenges and offers a prescription on how privatisation can help India achieve its objectives.


Patents vs. the Pandemic

Apr 24, 2020

With the COVID-19 death toll rising, we should question the wisdom and morality of an IP system that silently condemns millions of human beings to suffering and death every year.


The Political Economy of the French Pension System Reform(s)

Apr 22, 2020

Just before the crisis, European countries were designing austerity reforms that would increase inequality and reduce internal demand. Could they return?


World War II to Covid-19: Been Here Before and Done Better

Mar 27, 2020

During WWII FDR mobilized private manufacturers to support the war effort. To keep Americans healthy, we need to do the same now for medical equipment