Nadia Garbellini held a post-doc position at the University of Pavia after receiving her Ph.D at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy, with a thesis on Structural Change and Economic Dynamics. Her research deals with the application of standard input-output and graph-theoretic techniques to the problems of measurement of productivity changes, international trade, and income distribution.

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Gains from Trade

Paper Conference paper | | Oct 2017

Is Comparative Advantage the Ideology of the Comparatively Advantaged? 

The Value of Political Connections in Fascist Italy — Stock Market Returns and Corporate Networks

Paper Conference paper | | Apr 2015

Recent years have witnessed the flourishing of a body of economic literature concerned with the search for empirical evidence of a positive relation between political connections, economic rent and the value of firms. The present paper contributes to the strand of this literature that deals with the quantitative measurement of the value of the political connections of firms.

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